Services Provided

  • Complex analyses of strength, lifetime and seismic resistance of steel structures, pressure vessels, storage tanks and machine parts
  • Assessment of limit states of structure strength (fatigue, general and pitting corrosion, stress corrosion, resistance to ductile and brittle fractures, stability, hydrogen embrittlement, etc.)
  • Analyses of alternating stress exerted on structures (analysis of natural and forced oscillation, dealing with non-linear vibration, design analysis of dynamic dampers and wind baffles or diverters for high structures, designs of resilient-mounted parts of vehicles)
  • Strength analyses and stability assessments of tanks for liquids and gases and bunkers for loose materials
  • Complex strength analyses of tanks and pipes made of plastics
  • Optimization analyses, specialist analyses of bearing systems and proposals to reduce their weight, prolong the lifetime and increase rigidity
  • Research and development in the field of rigid and pliant bodies and the environment
  • Design and delivery of diagnostic systems and their operation intended to manage the aging/service life of the equipment of conventional power plants and nuclear power plants, chemical, petrochemical and food industries, excavators, stackers, cranes, steel structures, the equipment of rolling mills, machinery and bearings
  • Aging/lifetime management systems for devices stressed under operating conditions
  • Inspections of the equipment in chemical, petrochemical, power and food industries and determination of residual lifetime
  • Optimisation of weld joints and thermal treatment using the SYSWELD program, especially in energy industry, engineering and automotive industry (determination of phase structures, residual stresses, hardness, permanent deformations)
  • Static, dynamic and fatigue tests of samples, models, parts and real structures in loading frames or real structures under operating conditions (stress, compressive forces, forces, deflections, tracks, acceleration, torques, etc.)
  • Long-term measurement of loading parameters and the response of machinery materials and steel structures subject to loading under operating conditions
  • Dynamic behaviour assessment of objects and haulage equipment during travel and determination of critical speed during transport
  • Measurement of residual stresses in the material of structures in the course of manufacture, assembly and operation
  • Early-warning systems in the case of structure overload
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Student exchanges
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