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Strain Gauge Measurements

Our Accredited Testing Laboratory has several accredited procedures for these measurements. We use foil and semiconductor strain gauges made by the world's leading producers for the measurement. Strain gauges are attached to steel structures to which static or dynamic forces and moments are applied. Thanks to modern measurement systems, we can perform in-lab measurements, but most measurements are performed outside the laboratory, both on a short-and long-term basis. Measured data is transmitted via wireless network or GSM network to data storage facilities within the Institute of Applied Mechanics in Brno. Within the framework of our measurements we provide imaging and preliminary evaluation at the customer’s premises.

By means of strain-gauge measurements, we develop and implement comprehensive measurement and control systems in order to improve the behaviour or extend the life of steel structures.

Residual Stress Measurement

The Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno performs measurements and evaluations of residual stress. We have an accredited method for this measurement that makes use of progressive drilling of material and measuring the change in elongation.

The mobile construction of the device allows performing the measurements both in the laboratory and on the premises of our customers. The output is an accredited test report which provides basic information on tensions and their orientation.

Temperature Measurements

In order to study the behaviour of steel structures, it is necessary to know the temperatures and temperature fields of the examined steel structures and their environment. For this purpose we use contact methods (accredited) using thermocouples, platinum or semiconductor thermometers with long-term data archiving in the logger’s memory.

The FLUKE Ti 32 thermal imager, which is specifically adapted for monitoring especially fast processes, is used for determination of temperature fields and operating parameters. The thermal imager is used to determine the thermal and technical parameters of buildings and structures.

Weight and Force Measurements

One of the important areas of focus for the Accredited Testing Laboratory is the determination of weight of components and structures. We perform weight determination of rail vehicles and force conditions that arise from uneven weight distribution for our long-term customers. The measuring range extends from kN up to hundreds of MN. The tension/pressure ratio is determined for static or dynamic load tests.

Torque Measurements

Torque measurements are performed on both rotating and non-rotating steel shafts and structures. Foil strain gauges are used for the determination of mechanical stress.

Vibration Measurements

Position and Movement Measurements

Pressure Measurements

Thermographic Measurements

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