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The Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1228 (hereinafter referred to as ATL) is an independent entity within the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno s.r.o., cooperating closely with all specialists in the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno to address the customer requirements. Due to expanding cooperation with theoretical experts in the Institute, complicated measurements can be performed in all technical areas. The range of tests is being expanded and enhanced on a continuous basis, with a strong support from the management of ÚAM Brno. Sustainable development and acquisition of new measuring devices is one of the great advantages of the services provided by ATL ÚAM Brno.

ATL No. 1228 mainly focuses on the performance of unique tests and measurements, in which it is necessary to make use of multi-disciplinary knowledge and innovative approach. The measurement output includes not only measurement data, but the interpretation of the measured values and professional consultations that will help the customer to improve its products or services.

The ATL history was closely linked to the development of giant surface coal mining equipment and the construction of large steel structures (bridges and transmitters) by the former Vítkovice Group of Companies.

Currently, the scope of activities and customers spreads across all technical areas. We perform measurements for nuclear, thermal, hydro and wind power engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, giant mining machines in mines, heavy machinery industry, civil engineering steel and steel-concrete structures, and transport machines.

We perform both static and dynamic load tests in the laboratory and outdoor environment, and experimental, design and prototype measurement and testing. Tests can be single or short- and long-term with the transmission of acquired data to the customer.

ATL have developed several unique methods of measurement that are exclusive and have not been implemented elsewhere. Measurement systems have been developed and implemented for customers, which are used for control, operation and management of the life and safety of buildings and machinery in operation on a long-term basis, leading to large savings and risk limitations.

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