Ing. Leoš Růžek, CSc.

Job Position:
Research Worker
+420 725 648 948
+420 541 321 291, extension 208


  • Ing., Brno University of Technology, FCE, 1981, field of study: Transport Equipment and Handling Devices
  • CSc., Brno University of Technology, FCE, 1986, topic: A Contribution to Solving Stable Running of Turbocharged Diesel Engines

Professional Specialization

  • Strength calculations, structure optimization and designs for pipeline laying, ensuring seismic resistance, and materials fatigue damage analyses.
  • Assessment of limit states of pressure vessels, pipelines and steel structures, especially static strength and fatigue lifetime assessment.

Former Professional Specialization

  • Development and application of a diagnostic system for continuous aging evaluation of important components and parts of equipment in energy, chemical, mining and heavy industries and its implementation in practice
  • Dealing with thermal and stress problems of steel structures under loading, especially pressure vessels taking into consideration the impact of materials degradation by fatigue and creep.


Vejvoda,S.,Vincour,D.,Růžek, L.: Hodnocení poškození materiálu kotle K9 diagnostickým systémem DIALIFE, Konference Kotle 98 Brno 10-12.3.1998

Vejvoda, S.,Vincour, D., Růžek, L.: Assessment of the Damage of Materials in the Diagnostic Systém DIALIFE, CAPE´98. Ageing of Materials and Methods for the Assessment of Lifetimes of Engineering Plant, Penny (ed.), 1998 Balkema, Rotterdam, ISBN9054108746. Cape Town, South Africa, 6.- 10. July 1998

Růžek, L., Vejvoda, S.,Vincour, D.: Residual Life Prediction of Common Power Plant Components, CREEP‘01. Creep Resistant Metalic Material, April 2001, Prague, 8 - 11. April 2001

Vejvoda,S., Vincour,D., Růžek, L. : Využití systému DIALIFE pro řízení životnosti zařízení v energetickém a chemickém průmyslu, konference Kotle a energetická zařízení 2004, Brno

International Conferences

Růžek, L., Vejvoda,S.,Vincour,D.: Use of Diagnostic Systems for Assessment of Lifetime of Power Plant Components, HIDA Conference April 15-17 1998, Saclay, France

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