Limit States Analyses

Static Strength of Equipment

The assessment of carrying capacity against static load on the basis of elastic stress analysis and subsequent stress classification pursuant to the origin of loading must be the basic knowledge of every employee of the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno.

Fatigue Strengths

Materials fatigue is the limit state occurring most frequently in practice. The specialists must have a deeper knowledge of the behaviour of materials exposed to low/high cycle fatigue of materials, specific behaviour under thermal fatigue and the mechanics of bodies. The stress classification is the basic knowledge necessary for the assessment.

Light-Wall Structure Stability

It is an important part of the complex assessment of light-wall and slender structures. When assessing stability, it is necessary to deal with the carrying capacity of light-wall and slender structures (storage tanks, bunkers, silos, columns, smoke-stacks, etc.) exposed to mass forces, wind, external or inner pressure, uneven ground subsidence, thermal expansion and possibly other influences of loading.

Elastic-Plastic Carrying Capacity of Equipment

The analyses of nonlinear behaviour (material or geometrical) of structures require a deep knowledge of the mechanics of bodies and materials engineering.

Brittle and Ductile Fracture of Structures

Our frequent practical tasks include assessing the acceptability or unacceptability of flaws found during the operation of the equipment.

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