MKP Multidisciplinary Analyses

Technological Processes of Welding and Thermal Treatment

A combination of knowledge of mechanics of bodies and materials engineering is applied when carrying out analyses of weld joints, when making calculations of residual stresses and distortions induced by welding and thermal treatment.


Computational Fluid Dynamics and Medium-Structure Interaction

A combination of knowledge is applied e.g. when dealing with

  • Media mixing of various temperatures in the area of nozzles
  • Dynamic impacts in the piping
  • Pressure pulsations spreading in systems
  • Flow analyses of compressible and incompressible media
  • Single and multiple-phase flow
  • Phase transitions
  • Operational Vibration Analyses, etc.



Medium-Device Interaction

A combination of knowledge is applied when performing medium-structure interaction analyses, especially in fluid systems. We deal especially with the problems of pressure impacts, quick dynamic processes, impacts of flying objects, etc.

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