Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D. - thesis details

Name Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.
Name of projectAnalysis of Residual Stresses Induced by Welding and Thermal Treatment
Name of school Military Academy Brno
Field of study: Mechanics of Rigid and Pliant Bodies and Environment
Beginning of studies1992
Completion of studies1998
Synopsis The project was aimed at numerical simulation of technological processes of welding and thermal treatment. A methodical procedure for calculating residual stresses was established. All phase transformations taking place in the course of technological processes were included in numerical analyses by means of the finite element method. Individual steps of the methodical procedure were experimentally verified and the calculation results compared with the measurements. A three-dimensional model of the movable source of heat was debugged and verified and became a basis for subsequent three-dimensional analyses of the welding process. A new methodology for measuring mechanical properties of materials in connection with temperature and phases was developed and employed under this project. The effect of residual stresses on the service life of calculated structures was evaluated.

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