Ing. Jiří Hůlka, Ph.D. - thesis details

Name Ing. Jiří Hůlka, Ph.D.
Name of projectNumerical Simulation of Ductile Fracture
Name of school Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics and Biomechanics
Beginning of studies2008
Completion of studies2014
Synopsis The aim of the future dissertation is to make a model of the material penetration test known as the “Small Punch Test” (hereinafter referred to as “SPT”) and to give its detailed physical description. An optimal fraction criterion will be sought to describe the course of force, initiation and development of a crack. The first phase, i.e. the quality numerical model including an optimal fraction criterion to describe the initiation and development of a crack, will be followed by an inversion optimization task. It is to make it possible to determine basic mechanical properties such as yield value and breaking strength.

The SPT penetration test is a new, however, frequently performed non-standard test of materials mechanical properties. It is used especially to check the current mechanical properties (R and R, DBTT) of parts in operation where there is lack of material for testing, e.g. steam turbines, steam lines, pressure vessels, etc. It is an inverse mechanics task to determine these characteristics.

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