Ing. Martin Vašek, Ph.D. - thesis details

Name Ing. Martin Vašek, Ph.D.
Name of projectArtificial Vocal Cords to Generate a Source Voice
Name of school Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics and Biomechanics
Beginning of studies2006
Completion of studies2013
Synopsis Human speech is the main means of communication. The interest in the study of expressive components of speech, namely voice, is excited by the fact that many people have been deprived of the ability to make themselves understood by speaking because of having lost functioning vocal cords. Great efforts have been focused on searching for a suitable principle of a source voice creation. A reed element has been selected as suitable for further research. It consists of a computational model including the interaction of the reed with surrounding air flow. To verify this computational model, an experimental model of the reed element has been produced. The models are used primarily to monitor the behaviour of the reed element under variable initial conditions.

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