Completed International Research Projects

Project Name Evaluation of Welding Distortions of VV Poloidal Segment
Principal Investigator Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.
Project NumberContract TW3-TVV-EVADIST (EFDA 03/1087)
Detailed Information The main purpose of the project was to develop a brand new procedure of numerical simulation of heavy-walled weldment distortions induced in the course of production. While carrying out the project, a new method of distortion prediction was developed that significantly reduced the time needed for reaching the solution to real time. This new methodology makes it possible to simulate the whole production process of weldments in a short time. Thanks to shortening the time needed for reaching the solution, it is possible to optimize the production process with the aim of minimizing production distortions. The experiments were carried out in cooperation with VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava.
Project Name Analysis of Welding Distortion Obtained in Manufacturing the VV Segment
Principal Investigator Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.
Project NumberContract TW4-TVV-SEGDIS (EFDA 04/1169)
Detailed Information A new numerical simulation method of distortion prediction in heavy-walled weldments induced in the course of production, developed and experimentally tested in the previous project TW3-TVV-EVADIST (EFDA 03/1087) was applied to checking weld joints that the technological procedure of the VV segment production consisted of. In the course of production of checking weld joints, distortions were measured and subsequently compared with numerical results. The methodology was made more accurate and optimal on the basis of the comparison. The experiments were performed in Ansaldo, Italy.
Project Name Assessment of PSM Welding Distortions and Field Welding
Principal Investigator Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.
Project NumberContract TW6-TVV-SYSEG (EFDA 06/1376)
Detailed Information The newly developed distortion prediction method for heavy-walled weldments was employed to simulate the production of one fourth of the ITER pressure vessel sector. The whole technological procedure of production was simulated from the beginning to releasing the weldment from the production hanger. The actually measured distortions were measured in every step and compared with the calculated distortions. Total 34 weld joints of 60 mm plates with more than 1950 weld beads were simulated. The production and distortion measurements in the course of production were made in Ansaldo, Italy.
Project Name Starting Seam Assembly Program for Local Model Simulation
Principal Investigator Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.
Project NumberContract F4E – 2008 – GRT – 09 (PNS-TBM)
Detailed Information The project was a follow-up to the previous three completed projects. The newly developed prediction method of distortions occurred during the production of heavy-walled weldments was employed in the Test Blanket Module (TBM), which was a part of the in-building of a vacuum vessel. Individual TBM weld joints were simulated under the project and the joints were subsequently optimized. The numerical analyses results were compared with measurements made in Karlsruhe.
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