For a long time the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno (IAM Brno) has cooperated with leading universities of the Czech Republic solving complex issues that are out of our professional field with them. Besides that, we participate, together with our partner universities, in TACR projects (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic).

IAM Brno also offers a part time jobs to doctoral students; they can adjust the working time to their study programme. This way the students gain important work experience and, at the same time, knowledge to successfully complete their study.

Occasionally, our employees also lead students diploma theses. When students completing their master’s degree have an interesting topic related to our field, they ask us to cooperate.

Current TACR Projects

Complex procedures in material engineering to secure (save) operation of the innovated units of conventional power plants.

Project no.: TK01020160
From: 2018
To: 2022
Main recipient: Material Metallurgical Research Ltd.
Solvers: Ing. Martin Stodola Ph.D.

National Competence Center for Mechatronics and Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering (NCK MESTEC)

Project no.: TN01000071
From: 2019
To: 2022
Main recipient: Brno University of Technology, FME
Solvers: Ing. Libor Vlček Ph.D., Ing. Lubomír Junek Ph.D., Ing. Vladimír Netopil

Closed TACR Projects

The influence of the environment on the fatigue life of the EDU equipment (Dukovany nuclear power plant)

Since: 2010
To: 2012
Financing: ČEZ, Plc. from Research & Development Fund
Manager: Ing. Libor Vlček, Ph.D.

Research into risks of heterogeneous welded joints at NPPs and development of qualified procedures of their repairs

Since: 2011
To: 2013
Financing:ČEZ, Plc. from Research & Development Fund
Manager:Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D. and IAM Brno team

Evaluation and prediction of fatigue life of welded joints exposed to the corrosive environment (of the primary medium)

Since: 2013
To: 2015
Manager: Ing. Libor Vlček, Ph.D.

Evaluation methodology of the defect tolerance (during operation) in heterogeneous welds at NPPs

Financing: TA ČR
Project no.: TB03SUJB001
Since: 2014
To: 2015
Manager: Ing. Ladislav Jurášek, Ph.D.

Innovative research into check valves for extreme operation in power engineering

Financing: TA ČR
Project no.: TH01011352
Since: 2015
To: 2018
Associate: Ing. Pavel Dokoupil, Ph.D.

Selection and implementation of procedures to evaluate low-cycle fatigue of internal installations of nuclear facilities, including multi-axis tension/stress

Financing: Comtes FTH, a.s
Project no.: TA04020806
Since: 2014
To: 2019
For whom: TA ČR
Manager: Doc. Ing. Ján Džugan, Ph.D.
Co-worker: Ing. Jiří Hůlka, Ph.D.

Reliability and durability management of building constructions in nuclear energy

Financing: TA ČR
Project no.: TH02020781
Since: 2017
To: 2019
For whom:Brno University of Technology, FCE
Manager:prof. RNDr. Ing. Petr Štěpánek, CSc.
Co-worker: Ing. Lubomír Junek, Ph.D.