We cooperated on this

1956 – Accident of the large excavator DO 800

IAM identified the cause of the damage, and that was a crack of the machine’s base platform.
The solution was an improvement of the base platform construction.

1971 – The SNP Bridge in Bratislava

Based on measurements and evaluations the bridge anchor cables were strengthened.

1971 - 1973 Dynamic measurements of TV towers

We measured of tower vibrations in the wind, and adjusted the tower shock absorbers and designed new windbreakers for the TV towers Ještěd, Kamzík, Králova Hoľa, Klínovec, Krežava, Cukrák.

1972 – Dynamic measurements of bridge structures

We measured the dynamic response of bridge structures using excitation by rocket engines (bridge in Velkém Meziříčí, Žďákovský Bridge, Prístavný Bridge in Bratislava).

1976 - Relocation of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Most

Preparation work, testing relocation technology, transport speed optimalization using strain gauge measurements on the perimeter wall during the movement itself.

1978 - 1986 – Design of nuclear power plant equipment

Cooperation on the design of large pressure vessels for Dukovany NPP.

1980 – Development of railway bogies to transport PG VVER 440

Design of railway bogies, structure, and measurements to secure the equipment transport from the production plant to the Dukovany NPP. Later also PG VVER 1000 for the NP Temelín.

1990 – to present – Ensuring operational reliability of EDU and ETE nuclear power plants

Monitoring of operational data and load of nuclear power plants’ equipment to secure the reliability and safety of long-term operation.

2005 - Damping of excited vibration of steam pipelines at Volgodonská and Balakovská NPP

Acoustic modal analysis and detection of vibration sources of high-energy steam pipelines during operation at nuclear power plants. The tearing off of the turbulent steam flow on the T-pieces was the root cause of it. The numerical simulation of steam mixture flow and design of a new piping arrangement.

2009 – Measurements at the Lochkovský Bridge

Control measurement of the static load of Lochkovský Bridge during construction and subsequent operation.

2011 – Welding process of the inner construction of the ITER reactor

Optimalization of the welding process inner the ITER reactor to minimize residual stress and final deformations caused by cooling of the welded joints.

2015 – EVO tram crash test

Comparing the real crash test results of the tram car construction in 1:1 scale and dynamic simulation on numeric models. Structural modifications to increase the safety of the entire tram car.

2018 – Vibration measurements in switches

Vibration measurements in the high-speed corridor switches in the Czech Republic.

2020 – Innovation of welded structure repairs

Repair innovations of welded piping made of Cr-Mo-V. Finding a crack in the weld of the steam Y-piece, we proposed to grind and re-weld it to prevent new cracks.

2022 - Cleaning of steam generators at Dukovany NPP

We assessed, measured, evaluated, and cleaned the steam generator VVER 440 at Unit 2 of Dukovany NPP. Simulation using the FEM model of the new thermohydraulic conditions during real PG operation.